Sterritt Strategy Publishing

Content Community

Our company is pleased to open up our website to a growing community of creators. While we started as two brothers designing niche boardgames, we are striving to build a large community of artist, writers, world builders, coders, musicians, game designers and all sorts of markers to share in elevating the discussion, quality and depth to the games we enjoy.

To join our community contact James R Sterritt for more details and to find out how you can become a contributing member of our game inspired creative endeavors.


SSP Main Channel

Our company's primary social media presence devoted to promoting our products, new developements, tutorials/support, and community around the games and products we create.


Strategist Primus

Strategy Gamer focused on YouTube/Twitch play-throughs and strategy guides to CKII, HOI IV,  Stellaris, Verdun, XCOM II, and more. An active tester, designer and collaborator for Sterritt strategy Publishing.  

Come join the strategic discourse in Strategist's Parlor for updates, events, broadcast and upload schedules, and strategy guides and discussion on all things strategy gaming.