The 99 Day Kaiser

If this one man lived a little longer, or got to raise his son himself, WWI would not have escalated into the size of a conflict that would demand attention and be known as a skirmish in the Balkans.

This year our holiday sale has a bit of a challenge to it, to honor our new creation Black Lodge. There is a puzzle via a cypher to get the password (and a hidden link), but this will give you a 19% off promotional code.

Strategy Article: Galactic Engagement

It’s Primus here and I have a few thoughts from the First Episode of Star Trek Discovery. In that episode,  we were presented with a decision to be made by the First Officer  Cm. Michael Burnham. This decision is either to start conflict with the Klingon ship via rendering the Captain unconscious and unable to object, flee the system and rendezvous with back up in the form of more starships, or hold your position and call in for support.

Weekly Strategist Update II (9/15/17)

It's Strategist Primus here with this week's Channel news. As you all could probably tell this week was full of technical issues, fixing said issues, and keeping a regular schedule of content flowing. We had a lot of channel firsts this week, 1st stream, 1st near series end, and 1st week of consistent uploads keeping to schedule.