Strategy Article: Galactic Engagement

It’s Primus here and I have a few thoughts from the First Episode of Star Trek Discovery. In that episode,  we were presented with a decision to be made by the First Officer  Cm. Michael Burnham. This decision is either to start conflict with the Klingon ship via rendering the Captain unconscious and unable to object, flee the system and rendezvous with back up in the form of more starships, or hold your position and call in for support.

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Weekly Strategist Update

Hello Everybody, it is I, Strategist Primus here with a weekly update. This week on the channel we've been busy. The first videos of both the Blackfyres and Heathen Horde have gotten traction and the channel as really started off on strong footing.  

Here's what's been happening on the channel this week:

Episode 2 on the Blackfyre Let's Play was posted on Wednesday:

And the Heathen Horde had its third episode: 

And the channel got it's new introductory vid as well: 


I Look forward to trying out a Livestream of Verdun next week: 

I appreciate everybody who watched, liked and/or subscribed. I'm glad to hear that people enjoy the channel and I'll keep on grinding these series.

Thanks everybody!

-Strategist Primus


Strategic quote of the week:

You may not be interested in Strategy but Strategy is interested in you.
— Leon Trostsky