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Place for the next game request, strategy talk and seeing what's new on the horizon.

Strategist's Series: 

Robb Stark, The King in the North, is marching south heading to a war to avenge his late father. Can we get the vengeance we deserve? Or are we doomed to betrayal and treachery? 

Series Objectives:

  1.  Win the War
  2.  Reunite the Starks
  3. Avenge Eddard Stark

Euron, The Crow's Eye, the First Storm and the Last, The Maddest of them all. Greyjoy. King of the Iron Isles. One of the most interesting (and terrifying) characters in the Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). Yet the show runners made a mockery of him. Just another brute with two good hands and a thousand ships... A mere lackey to a Lannister. Ha, that is not the Crow's Eye. Join me as we pillage and reave our way across Westeros, first the Reach will burn and then... then we shall take it all:   

AGOT: Blackfyre play-through for the 1st Blackfyre Rebellion on CKII AGOT mod. In this we play as the Great Bastard Daemon Blackfyre and seek to win the crown which is rightfully ours. We are the one that bares the sword Blackfyre, the sword of kings, our weakling half brother (who may very well be a bastard himself) will not stand in our way. Join me as we play as one of the more device characters in the histories of Westeros:

The Heathen Horde: A Norse British Old Gods start as Halfdan Hsverk of Jorvik on Crusader Kings II+. In this we play as the lineage of Hversk as they establish Norse dominion over Britain. Join me as we play as the founders of the Danelaw and settle this fertile land:

The year 1910, little do we know it but in four years time the world will be plunged into one of the deadliest conflicts in history. The little country of Belgium must ready itself to be on the front lines of a Great War. Join me as we attempt to best weather the oncoming storm in HOI IV: The Great War Mod. We will be attempting to Unite the Benelux under our rulership, as the best method of keeping the front from collapsing into Brussels. The Belgian army needs you:  

The Risen have ascended their primitive programming and assimilated their former masters. The logical next step: the assimilation of the galaxy. Join me as we test out Stellaris' DLC: Synthetic Dawn. Join with us: