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Sterritt Strategy Publishing is an Independent Game Design and Publishing company established in New Hampshire in 2012. Ever since we have taken pride in developing games that bridge the gap between light and simple play and intensive weekend long adventures. We focus on helping self-published entrepreneurs, small startups and small scale publishing find new ways to flourish, reach out to their audiences, and test their products.

We pride ourselves on aiding small developers improve their businesses, services and products. Sterritt Strategy Publishing offers consulting services for regulatory, quality and web development consulting. Specializing in QMS for ISO 13485, Toys and Games for US (CPSIA), Software and Medical Devices. Click on the button to the left to find out more about what we can do to support your company's needs.

We also are working to manage and develop several multiple author and developer worlds. Our company protects the intellectual property of its community and provides cost effective licenses, editing and consistency.