Granite State Game Summit

Granite Game Summit is a local Southern NH boardgaming convention focused on open gaming. They’re going to be running at the Courtyard Marriott in Nashua NH March 9th- 11th. Tickets are $30 for a day or $65 for the whole weekend. They provide a relaxed casual atmosphere focused on open play between players of all ages and skill levels.

We'll be there March 10th from around noon onwards, we’ll be running tables with our title Merchants of Freeburg, Ancient Games and potential a couple plays of our developing title Battle for the Moon. As well as a small collection of other odds and ends.

Here is what we think a schedule will look like, but it’s open gaming so we’ll play with who’s free:


Noon:    Ur       Merchants of Freeburg        Battle for the Moon

1:30PM:    Ur       Merchants of Freeburg                                           

3:00PM:    Ur       Merchants of Freeburg        Battle for the Moon   

4:30PM:    Ur       Merchants of Freeburg                                           

5:00PM:     Ur       Merchants of Freeburg       Demos of SSP Titles   

6:00PM:     Potential another round for those who would miss out

Later will be planned and announced on twitter and here day of the event


The Royal Game of UR

This ancient racing game’s exact rules is the source of great dispute among archaeologists, come sample the best guess on how to use these replica pieces designed from 2 and half millenia old site in Mesopotamia. Said rules were recently popularized by Irving Finkel of the British Museum.


Merchants of Freeburg

Merchants of Freeburg was designed as an Educational Tool that lets players learn about the complicated interplay of markets and governments, through implementing policies and changing laws as the Burgermiester, while playing a fun, family game for 2 to 4 players ages 10+ that anybody could find playable and entertaining.


Battle for the Moon

In Battle for the Moon players grapple for Lunar dominance while negotiating for resources and dealing with the harsh realities of traveling in space. The game is focused on developing and exerting control over different regions of the lunar surface, however there are other, perhaps more peaceful, ways to eek out lunar domination.


Condottieri Conflicts

Our original title, first was presented at OSG August 2013, will be available for play upon request from us for those interested parties. The game is focused around simulating conflicts between competing mercenary companies set to a Medieval Italian theme, the winner is not just the one that completes their objectives but the one who makes the most money doing so.

See you there!