Weekly Strategist Update II (9/15/17)

Hello Everybody!

It's Strategist Primus here with this week's Channel news. As you all could probably tell this week was full of technical issues, fixing said issues, and keeping a regular schedule of content flowing. We had a lot of channel firsts this week, 1st stream, 1st near series end, and 1st week of consistent uploads keeping to schedule. 

This week saw the Third Episode of the Blackfyres go off as scheduled on Wednesday without a hitch. Daemon managed to squeeze in a coronation between the continual conflicts and civil unrest of the Mega-War system in the AGOT Mod. Then we went back to crushing Revolts an

Thursday saw our first stream, which had several technical difficulties to overcome, which will be addressed and dealt with before future streaming. The stream ran more or less smoothly but Verdun is a hard game and keeping track of the stream while playing prove difficult. The first real hurdle was making OBS talk to the Youtube Streaming service (not a simple process). It turns out OBS studio is less cooperative with live-streaming than most software and there's not a whole lot of sources for help on that. The other issue I noticed while watching the stream back is I didn't have my microphone up to the right volume to stream with. Adjustments have been made and hopefully the next one will prove smoother. The Stream is recorded here:

Friday  saw the most Chaos, late Thursday Night as I was preping to record for Friday I noticed something off with the save. Namely that Gudfrid the Butcher was..... pregnant, A Brahman, no longer a Brilliant Strategist, missing two daughters, and married to an immortal..... Safe to say that file was corrupted beyond playable, (although as one comment noted it was hilarious to see if it could play out) and I hastily put together a vid saying the series was dead...    


Procession and pyre at Up Helly AA – Photo source: UP Helly AA.

Procession and pyre at Up Helly AA – Photo source: UP Helly AA.

But Alas, I was going through it once more to see if I could salvage anything usable out of it. And I stumbled upon a non-corrupted clean save, rejoiced and started recording. That Episode 4 has replaced the aforementioned one.

Strategy Quote of the Week:

I think I understand what military fame is; to be killed on the field of battle and have your name misspelled in the newspapers.
— William Tecumsah Sherman

I appreciate everybody who watched, liked and/or subscribed. I'm glad to hear that people enjoy the channel and I'll keep on grinding these series.

Thanks everybody!

-Strategist Primus