Weekly Update VIII (12/3/17)

Hello Everybody

It's been another week of content on the Channel. Belgium and The Heathen Horde keep rolling on while Tannenberg shows off what it can do. In the coming weeks AGOT Mod will make a return now that I'm running 2.8.1 and the corresponding mod. (Guess who we're playing as... big reveal will be in a couple days!)

As mentioned Belgium/ United Benelux series is rolling on that means we are in the midst of the Great War and hoping we will survive. The Line will be held in the Benelux. Meanwhile our forces in Africa are up to no good.

The Heathen Horde is on the way to wrapping up. This week saw part 12.... (I think this makes this a mega-series...) 

And then there is Tannenberg. I am loving this game. It took the best parts of Verdun and opened up play a little. The bots are still a little dumb and the graphics aren't triple A... but it's still in Beta. Here is Sterritt_Strat and I trying out Cossacks.

Strategy Quote of the Week!

Thus, what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy’s strategy.
— Sun Tzu

Also I am now on Minds. Minds is a social network that allows creators to better connect and interact with their audiences. It also allows creators to get together and more easily coordinate. Take a look!