Games on the Horizon Nov 2017

This month we are focusing on titles that explain the presence of strategy against the odds in the Great War (WWI). The Global conflict that marked a turning point in Geopolitical history. The tremendous sacrifice, the high innovations in all fields and the deep reflection on the cause and point of the objectives of national interest. Equally we are breaking down strategy into its scale this month with identifying the different levels of play. Here we breakdown 3 common levels of the PC war gaming market into 1st person, RTS, and Grand Strategy. But one should notice how these levels of strategic scope compare to my other article on boardgames and strategy this month.


Verdun/ Tannenberg

Great Strategic first person shooter. Beautifully remastered in the case of Verdun. Tannenberg is the next game in the series by the same publisher which will focus on the Eastern Front. The developers offer larger maps, smoother high graphics and realistic detail to the expansion. I have heard rumors of larger server sizes, but have not as of release witnessed this first hand yet. Should prove to be a worthy sequel and continuation of the real best WWI shooter.


Iron Harvest/Scythe

Steampunk RTS - focus on minimalist mechanics - 2019 title for Steam, PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE

This may prove to be what gets the Real Time Strategy circut back together after being to solely focus on Starcraft II since its launch several years ago. This world is brought to by the artistic designs of Jakub Różalski, who commands the strong Art presence with many going nuts over the look and design of this Alternative history. A history where 3 regional powers (Saxony Empire, Polania Republic, Rusviet) in eastern Europe wage war with the innovation of the Great War along with the new “walking” mechanisms.

Yet all of this is being built from the world of the popular Stonemaker Games on Kickstarter brought this title Scythe. With many of the same designers, world builders and artists. They equally have it up for sale on amazon right now

And have several PC and webbased simulators of the original board game.


Hearts of Iron IV: Great War Mod

A fun series, on an interesting Mod for HOI IV. My gratitude to the Modders, Wolferos and his team. They made an incredible mod for the beloved WWII grand strategy game that plays well and is fairly stable even in multiplayer. Checkout Strategist Primus’ playthrough on the Parlour that shows off how even little Belgium can be interesting.