Weekly Strategist Update VI (11/13/17)

Hello Everybody,

This last week has seen the death of a series and the birth of another. The Blackfyre series has ended. I'll explain this in further detail in this under that section. Taking its place shall be the HOI serues on Belgium in WWI. That being said let's get into the review.

As was stated previously the Blackfyre series shall not be continuing. This is for a variety of reasons, first among which is that the mod has been updated to a newer version of CKII with additional content. But also because the lack of success others have had in offering a serious contention to Daemon' rule. Namely the two failed adventurer plots that did not trigger. I suspect this is a save error. But as it stands the Blackfyres hold the throne. Targaryen restoration would have to see a successful adventurer plot, which seems to be broken. This things happen. That being said looking back on the series we had tremendous success in achieving the goals set out in the first episode.

    I shall return to the AGOT mod shortly probably with something from the time period of either A Feast for Crows or A Clash of Kings.

The Heathen Horde marches onward to loot and glory. This series has gotten over part of its lull and the wait for threat level to decrease should not take much longer, hopefully. Interesting things happened interspersed throughout the last several episodes. But hopefully this series will get back to the point, and see more conflicts arise.

And then there was a new series. In honor of Armistice Day, or Veterans Day in the US, I started a series as Belgium in WWI. This will build over the next several weeks and hopefully show off the Great War Mod for HOI IV. A am already impressed with how well made the mod is and am hopeful they will continue to update it.

Strategist Quote of the Week:

Gentlemen, when the enemy is committed to a mistake we must not interrupt him too soon.
— Horatio Nelson

As always I am humbled by the support this young channel has seen over the various series. I had no expectation of being this near to cracking 1500 views this early. I make these videos with the hope that they will be well received and am overjoyed to be able to work on this. A couple of months in and I can already say that the process that goes into making these videos has been much refined and hopefully going forward it will become even easier to keep these going.

-Strategist Primus