What is Freeburg Minecraft Project

Today we have John Sterritt introducing our new Freeburg Minecraft Project:

We once asked where is Freeburg. My brother defined it as an idea not a place. That worked alright for the idea and notion of Merchants of Freeburg. But to me, Freeburg IS a place, it should be a better defined entity than vaguely Western European Fantasy. Over the many months of playing Freeburg during playtests, watching as the town ebbs and flows it became more real to me than a game about teaching economics in a fantasy town. We saw varying ideas for how to run the town and it’s companies from anarcho-capitalist utopias, merchant backed police states, to state owned markets with semi private warehouses. After seeing all of these I wanted to define what Freeburg is. On the back of the box in a previous edition we called it a small town on the frontier. Which Frontier? Who’s frontier? Isn’t the Burgermeister his own top entity answering to no one and thereby Freeburg is definitely on no frontier at all. To aid in this confusion, though admittedly it may have been entirely my own, we decided to bring the town to life. First of these projects aiming at enlivening the idea of Freeburg is a Minecraft server dedicated to allow players to help shape the Burg (or walled town as English would phrase it).

By so defining Freeburg, the struggles and successes from playing Merchants of Freeburg all the more real. This creative project aims to connect more people with the ideals of the game as well as each other. It also makes a unique and adaptive realm to base more content in, as I have said earlier this is the first of hopefully many projects to enliven the idea of Freeburg.

Why use Minecraft? We determined that this game is the best creative engine to empower our project due to it’s ease of use, wide range of players and ease of sharing information. No it is not the ideal platform, but it is easier to use a minecraft server to do this and we can work the issues out from there.

Together we hope to build this fantasy town of our imaginations and impart the Lore and backstory that will make Merchants of Freeburg not just a medieval market sim of a board game but a whole world in and of itself. I see this project as a sort of open source worldmaking where fans and friends of SSP can directly track their impact as this idea develops. This is aimed at making more games, more content; such as novels (to be elaborated on later), as well as a rich minecraft community.  

Come and join the community here.