Artistic Developement of Freeburg

Artistic Development on Merchants of Freeburg started in August. And after determining the best artist for this project, Anna Hollinrake has been diligent with providing Sterritt Strategy with original Art for this new title. She is a digital artist based out of county Kent, Uk. You can see all of her other projects on her website and her deviantart page. Her new talent and millennial generational approach pair perfectly with the youth and drive found in Sterritt Strategy Publishing.

Anna’s last major personal artistic project was Apotheosis, which demonstrates her wide ranging abilities in illustration, 3D digital design and the incorporation of these art forms. This project was in UDK using 3Ds Max, Zbrush, Photoshop and 3D Coat. In this project she conceived, designed and built digitally a whole temple structure. To learn more about Anna’s Apotheosis visit: Her Blog for the project, or Her fly through video.

She has set the artistic style of Freeburg in this rich and lovable storybook-esque fantasy world. While Freeburg is very much its own world, her art and the game will have you feeling a better of medieval township, a Bothers Grim fairy tale or Chaucerian verse. Her attentions to every card and piece allows this game to come to life in every lush wood tone, lavish gold trim and weathered looking parchment. Truly her art adds a tremendous value to a captivating game.

In the rest of the Art Book enjoy the example of several of her completed personal projects, cover art development, game board development, Accounting mat design, Commodity Card designs, and other coming parts and components. Every part of this book is a work in progress on the Merchants of Freeburg project; the most recent prints are literal work as it was before this convention.

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