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This project started as a thought experiment in Alternative History exploring the possibilities if a secret society to explore arcane practices had started in 1805. While its original conspirators started as honest men of science hunting around Cambridge, Great Britian, the society grew in membership, refined its capability and started to influence events over the next century. This is their story, their legacy, and the waves in history such power propagate.

We here at Sterritt Stratetgy Publishing, Ltd. are excited to start the slow release of content about this new ponderance. There is a need for new followers to determine where this project should go, illustrators to better illuminate our way, researchers to expand our experiment, authors to unfold the pathways to this story, and developers to build new tools to explore this world. If you are interested in following, please subscribe to be updated. If you wish to illustrate or develop in this world, please contact James at james@sterrittstrategy.com. If you wish to research or author works in this world, please contact John at john.sterritt.strategy@gmail.com.

Several projects will spawn from this narrative, which will update to this page:

  • 33. A narrative short story series and illustrations shared between multiple authors on Black Lodge No. 19

  • I. Potential for a tabletop RPG with this unique world, system, and updating missions  

  • 11. The card game currently called Black Lodge

  • C9th. A reference system for followers of the Black Lodge to delve into the alternative history, unique sciences, and arcane mysteries that would act like an edited encyclopedia that challenges you to get to the next things you are looking for. It may be hidden from clear sight.

A dream darkly formed by night. Whisperings on the minds of men illuminated by oil lamps by higher powers. Such are the ways most expect a mortal man to find their mystic society. Alas, this is the embellishment of years of Romantics and dreaming poets. Such is not the method by which Black Lodge was formed. 

John G. Sterritt, Exploratory Alchemy